Friday, March 31, 2017

March Recap + April Goals

I'm writing this in the last few hours of March- trying to finish this post before the end of the month. So I'm sure I'll forget some of the things I wanted to add...just a warning. ;)

Another month has whizzed by and I'm not even surprised any more. There's no way we can slow time down so lets just enjoy it, okay? Here we are entering April 2017. I'm actually very excited to do this! Lots of things are happening in April so it'll be a fun and busy month! Also, spring is totally here. Everything is SO green and the temperature is perfect. *can't wait till summer*

March // What Went Down

I LOVE how green everything is here!!


+ Photography Challenge - This was going great- until the 17th. On that fateful day, I was putting my SD card into the card-reader, when I felt the card break. Apparently I pushed it too hard and it cracked. Thankfully, I was able to press the card into my card-reader at just the right angle and save the pictures to my computer. Phew! I had over a thousand pictures on the card!! I'm crossing this off because I did all I could to complete this goal. And I'm still planning on posting a recap next week.

+ Learn a new hymn on the piano Check! I learned 'Jesus, Lover Of My Soul'. I also started learning the Charlie Brown theme song 'Linus and Lucy'! (Do you watch charlie brown?!)

+ Five Blog Posts This post makes the fifth this month! Yay!

+ Make 20 bracelets Only ten bracelets finished this month... Next month I'm going to try to make fifteen more though. Consistency is key! :)

+ Finish four modules in science Nope. Not even close. I failed to remember spring break when choosing this goal and there was no way I was going to do science during spring break. ;) Even then I should have gotten three modules done. But I only got two, which is what I do every month without doing extra...

Blurry picture because it was taken with a phone. Let's just pretend it's supposed to be that way...

A Few Other Things That Happened

+ Books I Read 
  • Flight Path A biography of Frank Barker, a fighter pilot and pastor. 
  • Of Moose And Men A HILARIOUS book written by Tory Martin. (If you listen to Adventures In Odyssey- He's the writer that created Wooton!)  
  • Flags Of Our Fathers A book about the lives of the six flag-raisers on Iwa Jima, written by one of the flag raisers sons.
It had been so long since I'd read anything besides my Bible and school books, I really enjoyed reading these.

+ Found out I'm gonna have a lil' nephew in August!!
+ Got to wear bunker gear (firefighters gear)- that stuff's heavy! :P
+ Went strawberry picking for the first time.

*Can't think of anything else because my brain doesn't function at 10:20 p.m.* :P

MORE green.

April Goals
 I've got a lot of them this month...

+ 7:00 Rise and shine Lets just say I've gotten a little slack on wake up time... My ultimate goal is around six, but for this month seven will be a good start. ;)

+ Teach Jessica to ride her bike (My little sister) Oh boy- let's see if we can do it!! (I know we can *winks*)

+ Fifteen Bracelets I made nine this month, next month we're shooting for fifteen!

+ Finish learning 'Linus And Lucy' (The Peanuts song) I already have 4 of 8 pages down so I'm half way!

+ Memorize a Psalm I'm not sure which one, yet. But I have a few I'm going to pick from... Ok, maybe a few isn't the write word- 150 is more like it. :D

+ Read Four Books After reading three this month, I realized how much I enjoyed reading and how much I learn by doing it. Hopefully this means a few trips to the library too! ;)

 "When life gets blurry, adjust your focus" 
This was a quote I heard this month and just loved, so I though I'd share it with y'all. :)

Sharing my goals on my blog has really motivated me to work harder on them. Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

So tell me- what are your goals for April? 

Also, April fools day is tomorrow... got any plans? *mischievous grin* I've got a few things planned my brother... *winks*


  1. If you ever need book suggestions, I'm the person! XD I read TOO many books, and let's just say I have a list of, like, 100 more that I want to read by the end of this year :D

    1. Wow! Awesome! What would be a few of your suggestions on a good history-book? Also, what kind of books do you like the most? :)


  2. That is really cool that you got to go strawberry picking! I did that once when I was young!

    1. Fun! This was my first time and I really enjoyed it. :) I hope I get to pick blackberries at the same farm/orchard this summer. :)


  3. I used to watch Charlie Brown, although I don't anymore xD The song Linus and Lucy is so much fun! I play it on the piano sometimes, but it's a super easy arrangement that I play. :P
    I have like one joke, where I cut out an outline of a huge bug on paper and put it in the inside of a lamp shade. That will be funny ^_^
    I don't really have any goals for April... :P Maybe I should....
    :) Hannah

    1. Ok, I don't watch it much anymore either. Sometimes around Christmas and Thanksgiving we watch the holiday ones, but that's about it. :)

      Oh!! I've seen that prank on Pinterest. :) That's pretty awesome. ;)

      Haha, I didn't start making monthly goals until recently. But making them has really helped me be more productive!



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