Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2017 // Goals

Hey there!! Well, in my last post, I said I was hoping to get my next post up in one week. Here I am two weeks later with nothing posted- but a bunch of great excuses!!  Rather than bore you with the details, I've chosen to start now and change this terrible schedule of posting-- starting off with a post about my March goals!

I love making new years resolutions/goals. In fact I made several this year. Now, it's time for me to take action and get to work on those goals. Something that helps me is to take a few minutes at the beginning of every month to sit down and write down my monthly goals. Today I'm going to share a few of my goals for March 2017. (I'm not even going to go into how crazy it is that we're in already in the third month of 2017. Like, whaaa....??)

Next month I'm hoping to do a 'March Recap + April Goals' post. I'm super excited to start this (-for a lack of better word) tradition!! Now, here are a few of my goals for March 2017!

March Goals

+ Photography challenge I'm super interested in working on my photography + learning how to use my camera this year. My goal for this month is to take at least one picture every day that I absolutely love. Who knows, maybe at the end of the month I'll do a post with all the pictures I took? ( If you think I should, please tell me! *winks*)

+ Learn a new hymn on the piano I love playing the piano! But recently I've found myself slacking off in practice. I love sitting down at the bench, taking out my hymnal and just choosing a song to learn! I just have to take the time to actually do it. This month- I'm totally doing it. :)

+ Five blog posts *guilty grin* I know, I know. This shouldn't be a "goal". I really enjoy blogging and I don't think of it as a chore at all! But this is one of my "goals" so....

+ Make 20 Bracelets I posted a few months ago about a project one of my friends is doing- 100 dolls for 100 girls! You can find out about it here- anyways I volunteered to donate 100 handmade bracelets. This month my goal is to finish 20. I'm sharing this goal on my blog because I want to get the word out about this project. You really should check it out! :)

+ Finish four modules in science I'm desperately trying to finish my science book by the end of this semester. I finished my last science book in one semester, so I started this one in January and- gaaah! I REALLY don't want to have to stop half way through, forget it all over summer break, then have to re-read it all next school year! So ANYWAYS knocking out four modules this month would be super awesome!

There you have it! These are a few of the goals I've decided to try to tackle this month!

So, a picture every day this month? What do you think?
What are some of your goals for March?


  1. I'll be praying your goals go well! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It means so much to know that you're praying for me. :)


  2. ooohhh - what kind of camera do you have?? I totally think you should do a whole ton of pics *loves photography* xD

    1. It's a Nikon D80 I believe. It was my sisters but she didn't take it when she got married so I sorta inherited it. ;) I honestly have no idea how all the settings works. xD I'm trying to learn more about it though!

      Yay! I'll definitely plan on doing it!


  3. Ooooh, that photography challenge looks FUN! That's awesome! I'd love to see them - have fun with your 'inherited' camera! :)
    Thank you again, and again for being so encouraging with 100D4100G! I'm so excited that you're making those! I love the one you made for me!
    Science... yeah... I did the exact same thing, except I know I can't finish it this spring. sigh..
    Have fun! Hope you meet your goals!!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. I've had fun already taking pictures!! Thanks!

      It's a very worthy project L4TL! :) I'm so happy to be able to help. I'm glad you liked it!

      I don't think I'll be able to finish my science book before school gets out- but I'm determined to go into the summer if I have to. ;)

      Thank you!



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