Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday Favorites // Your Favorite Recipes // + A New Feature To All Recipes!

Hey there! I hope you're having an awesome week + start to the weekend! You'll notice I didn't post on Wednesday, but that was actually on purpose because I wanted to wait until Friday so I could post a Friday Favorites. Since last time I totally forgot and posted a Friday Favorites on a Wednesday. *face-palm*

For this Friday Favorites I'm doing things a little bit differently. Instead of sharing my favorites- I'm going to share yours! I've taken the five most popular recipes on my blog and created a recipe card for each of them! This recipe card will allow you to print out the recipes so you can save them in your recipe box or binder and make it way easier to find + make my recipes. You can also pin the image to make it easy to find without having to search my blog.

I'm also announcing the addition of this feature to every recipe I post in the future. So every recipe that is published on my blog will also have a recipe card included in the post. How awesome is that?! I'm super excited and I think these turned out absolutely adorable. Also, I'll add the cards I've made (below) to the recipe's existing posts.

So here are the five most popular recipes on my blog. Funny- 80% of them are desserts... ;)

click on the name below the pictures to view the recipe's post

I can't get over how adorable these recipe cards are! I hope they help make it easier for y'all to try the recipes!

Do you have a recipe box/binder? Or is it just a Pinterest board these days? ;)
Which recipe card is your favorite?

I love how the sugar cookie recipe card turned out! It's definitely my favorite!


  1. I didn't even notice that the last Friday Favorites was on Wednesday! xD Those recipe cards are super cute! I unfortunately haven't tried any of your recipes yet. I want to sometime soon! :) They all look delicious. :D
    We don't have a recipe box, but my mom has a big binder of all the recipes she's made and liked over the years. :) My favorite recipe card is either the biscuit or sugar cookie one. :)

    1. Yup. lol. :) Thanks! That's alright. I hope you get to try some of them eventually! That's really neat! My mom does the same thing, but in a box. :) Those are my favorites too.:)


  2. My sister and I actually have a recipe binder! We put recipes we want to try in the front pocket, and when we try a recipe and we like it, we add it to the rings! The cover of the binder also has really cute puppies on it, so. . . . :b

    1. That's really neat Jennifer! I've wanted to do something like that, but I could never keep it up consistently. :) I still want to though! Maybe I'll be able to this year. :) Aw, that sounds adorable!



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