Saturday, December 17, 2016

Organization // Storage // Nail Polish

Today I have two unique ideas for storing nail polish. These storage solutions are not the obvious ones such as 'in a box on the shelf'. They're creative solutions using items you probably already have on hand, or are very inexpensive to buy. I hope you enjoy! 

 ~ Two Unique Ideas For Storing Nail Polish ~
1. In a pail. I got this adorable pail for $1.00 at dollar tree. It's the perfect size for my nail polish collection, and it fits perfectly on a shelf in my closet. Available colors (at dollar tree): purple, blue, green, and pink. 

2. Shoe box lid.  If you have a large collection of nail polish, a shoe box lid can be the perfect storage solution. The sides are tall enough to keep the polish contained, but short enough so you can see the colors. You can paint your shoe box lid with acrylic paint if you like. Or even decorate it with paper and stickers.

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