Friday, January 27, 2017

100 Things I'd Rather Hold {Than A Phone}

One of my new years resolutions this year, is to spend less time looking at a screen and more time outside, or doing other "non tech" activities. :) Last week I read Grace Anne's, blog post '100 Things I'd Rather Hold {Instead of My Phone}'. I thought it was such a neat idea! So today I'm writing my own list of 100 things I'd rather hold than a phone.

Thank you Grace, for letting me use this idea! You can find her post here.

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100 Things I'd Rather Hold {Than A Phone}

  1. My Bible
  2. My prayer journal
  3. My planner
  4. My favorite erasable pen 
  5. Photo albums
  6. My favorite mug full of hot chocolate
  7. Washi-tape
  8. A music book to play on the piano
  9. Yarn and a crochet hook
  10. A package of colored pens or markers
  11. A chocolate chip cookie
  12. A bottle of nail polish
  13. A letter from a friend
  14. A bowl of frozen yogurt
  15. Erasable highlighters
  16. My rainbow loom
  17. My breath as I swim underwater :D
  18. A stack of good books
  19. My niece 
  20. My other niece :)
  21. An icing bag as I decorate cupcakes
  22.  A volleyball
  23. Card supplies
  24. A new sticker set for my planner
  25. Handle bars while I go an a bike ride
  26. A container of tacks to hang things on my cork board
  27. A Rubik's cube
  28. Colored pencils as a color an adult coloring book
  29. A snowball
  30. My Bible Bee verse cards 
  31. A foam brush as I paint something with acrylic paint
  32. Dutch Blitz cards
  33. A glass of sweet tea 
  34. My favorite notebook
  35. A lighter as I light my candle
  36. A ping pong paddle 
  37. An awesome mystery book
  38. A cupcake
  39. A stick with a marshmallow, roasting over a fire
  40. String lights
  41. A camera
  42. A paddle as I kayak down the river
  43. A bowl of popcorn
  44. A good history book 
  45. My fuzzy zebra blanket
  46. A popsicle
  47. A rope as I swing into the water
  48. Play Dough
  49. A wooden spoon as I make dessert
  50. Old pictures
  51. A fishing pole
  52. A new pad of colorful card-stock 
  53. A basketball 
  54. A pair of sunglasses at an airshow
  55. A water balloon
  56. My binder full of sheet music
  57. A vase of flowers
  58. An Adventures in Odyssey album
  59. A Reese's peanut butter bar
  60. A stack of sticky notes
  61. A distress ink stamp pad
  62. My hair as I attempt to learn a new hair style
  63. The throw pillows in my room
  64. A stack of blankets as a make a cave with my sister
  65. Cookie cutters
  66. A flashlight as I play German Spot Light with friends
  67. A water bottle as I'm hiking
  68. My nose as I jump into the water
  69. A tennis racket
  70. My violin
  71. A handful of darts as I attempt to beat my brothers :)
  72. A pencil as I play running-pictionary  
  73. A rolling pen 
  74. Our home phone (:D) as I talk to a friend that lives hundred of miles away 
  75. China dishes as I set the table for a holiday
  76. Christmas ornaments as I decorate the tree
  77. A paint brush
  78. A piece of paper and pen as I write a letter to my friend
  79. A kite
  80. My flip-flops as I run across the beach
  81. A needle and thread as I embroider
  82. My watercolor set 
  83. A hiking map
  84. My rip-stick
  85. A baseball bat
  86. A deck of cards
  87. Tent poles as we set up camp
  88. A new music book
  89. My tennis-shoes
  90. A bottle of sprinkles
  91. New yards of fabric
  92. A beach ball 
  93. A brownie
  94. A baseball cap 
  95. Paint chips 
  96. A rodeo ticket ;)
  97. Pineapple
  98. My favorite hoodie
  99. A bouquet of flowers 
  100. Lastly- lets go with pizza!
Whew! That was 100! I really enjoyed making this list! I'll definitely be coming back to it throughout the year, to see what small things I treasure and should treasure more!
So tell me- What would you rather hold? 

I'd love to hear some of the things you would rather hold! Comment below!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! It's really neat: #30, #74... but what's running Pictionary? I (or one of my dolls) might have to do this sometime!
    ~ Light4theLord

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I had SO much fun making the list! I was thinking of you when I put #74 in! :)

      Running Pictionary is only the best game ever! :D Here's a link to a website that explains the game, if you want to look it up.

      I'd love it if you or your dolls did it! I actually thought about "nominating" other blogs too do it too, but I ended up not doing it. :)


  2. I love that you did this! Such a great post!

    1. Thanks Grace! I had SO much fun doing it!


  3. Nice list! Good ideas!

  4. Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it. :)



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