Sunday, April 9, 2017

March Photography Challenge // Recap

Here it is! A recap of my photography challenge for March, 2017. First, I need to give a little explanation. :) You're only going to find 16 pictures in this post because... I accidentally broke my SD card half way through the month and wasn't able to get another one until the end of the month. :/ (15 days without my camera was harder than I expected) I still think this challenge went great though. I'm super excited to share these few pictures with y'all!
I had the hardest time choosing between this and another cover!

Some days it was hard to pick just one picture and other days I was thinking "do I really have to post this?" but all in all I like every one of them. :) Warning: These pictures are all going to be pretty random. xD
03.01.17 Wednesday, March 1st
Haha, well er... to start off the challenge we have a very artistic picture of- an ice cream cone. Lol. I literately only took one picture this day and it was of my ice cream cone that we had for dessert for my brothers birthday. So... I guess this counts? xD

03.02.17 Thursday, March 2nd.
I just LOVE the colors in this picture!!

03.03.17. Sunday, March 3rd
Because it doesn't get this foggy very often I had to take a picture... I felt like I was in London. :) 

03.04.17 Saturday, March 4th.
These are the Christmas lights hung on my bedroom wall. I love how one light is focused but all the others are blurred!

03.05.17 Sunday, March 5th.
I was practicing my volleyball this afternoon when I realized the shadows looked pretty cool so of course I had to take a picture. ;)

03.06.17 Monday, March 6th

03.07.17 Tuesday, March 7th

03.08.17 Wednesday, March 8th
 Pretty but prickly! :)

03.09.17 Thursday, March 9th
A DIY in progress!

03.10.17 Friday, March 10th
Spring is definitely here, in Texas!

03.11.17 Saturday, March 11th

03.12.17 Sunday, March 12th

03.13.17 Monday, March 13th
This picture is super grainy because was taken with an iPhone, but it was the only one I had from today so it counts!

03.14.17 Tuesday, March 14th
Idk, I just snapped this picture of my little sis and thought it was pretty...

03.15.17 Wednesday, March 15th.
I love this picture SO much! Though it means more to a Texan... ;)

03.16.17 Thursday, March 16th.
Because food is always pretty- especially sweet food. (I edited this picture BTW.)

03.17.17 Friday March 17th... Ya know what happened. :)

I'm not doing a photography challenge in April just because it's going to be such a busy month. I'm hoping to do one in May though! I'll share it in my May Goals post. :)

So- which picture was your favorite? I really want to know!!

FYI guys, posts on The Kitkat Studio are going to change just a little bit coming up. I'm hoping to post more often- but not necessarily recipes + DIYs. (They'll still be posted every now and then!) I don't have an exact list of all the topics/things I'm going to post about, they'll still be pretty similar to what I'm posting now. Just a heads up that things are going to change a little bit. :) I'm really excited it!

Hope you had a great weekend and are super pumped about another week to live in God's awesome creation!
Remember not to take a single day for granted. :)


  1. Yay! I seriously had checked your blog to see if there were any posts, and I saw that there weren't. Then I went to Google+, where you had posted 38 seconds ago that you had another blog post! xD
    I love all the pictures! You're such a great photographer! ♥

    1. Haha! That's so funny! Thanks for checking Hannah! :)

      Aw, thanks. I definitely enjoy it! But I still have a LOT to learn and just practice. :)


  2. Wow! You got some really good pics! I really enjoyed looking throughout these! I think my favs were the Xmas lights and the pic of Jessica!

    1. Thanks Debs! I'm glad you liked them. :) I was really surprised how well the one of Jess turned out! I actually took it by accident- I was trying to get the front of her face, but when I saw her looking the other direction (she was trying to spot a cat we had just heard meow :P) I decided I had to snap a picture and just hope it turned out! And it did! :D


    2. Oh and I love the "live" poster it looks fab! (For your room?)

    3. Thanks! I love the colors! ;) It is- thought I haven't decided where to hang it yet... :)


  3. I love the blue bonnet picture! (Fellow Texan here :D) I'm looking forward to seeing what you post next! :)

    1. Thank you! Haha, Texas Pride! ;D Great! I can't wait to share more. :)


  4. that pic of your little sis is so cute! love these <33

    1. Thank you! That's definitely one of my favorites. :)


  5. Great job! My favorites are the 2nd one and the 9th one.


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